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Blue Corn Enchiladas

Three blue corn tortillas filled with your choice of cheese, ground beef, shredded chicken and onions. Smothered in your choice of chili and served with black beans and Spanish rice.

Order of Three 12.99Order of Two 11.29
Fillings (Select 1):Ground Beef Cheese Shredded Chicken Chorizo Pork
Remove Item (Optional):Cheese Lettuce Tomatoes Onion Refried Beans Rice
Enchilada Extras:Extra Cheese +1.791 Sunny Side Egg +1.592 Sunny Side Eggs +1.991 Scrambled Egg +1.592 Scrambled Eggs +1.991 Over Easy Egg +1.592 Over Easy Eggs +1.991 Over Medium Egg +1.592 Over Medium Eggs +1.991 Over Hard Egg +1.592 Over Hard Eggs +1.99
Chili Flavor (Select 1):Mild Green Medium Green Hot Green Mild Red Hot Red Enchilada Sauce Cream Sauce No Chili Chili on side, special request choice

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