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Salmon & Cream Cheese Enchiladas


Grilled Atlantic salmon, shredded cheese, jalapeno cream cheese and onion wrapped in two corn tortillas. Smothered in green chili and cream sauce, more cheese and baked. Garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and served with Spanish rice and black beans.

Remove Item (Optional):Cheese Jalapeno Cream Cheese Lettuce Tomatoes Onion Black Beans Rice
Enchilada Extras:Extra Cheese +2.491 Sunny Side Egg +1.992 Sunny Side Eggs +2.991 Scrambled Egg +1.992 Scrambled Eggs +2.991 Over Easy Egg +1.992 Over Easy Eggs +2.991 Over Medium Egg +1.992 Over Medium Eggs +2.991 Over Hard Egg +1.992 Over Hard Eggs +2.99

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